In addition to being available as a video / lighting technician on-site, I am also able to offer the following production / pre-production services;

On Site Technical Support

Overseeing install and operation of video equipment, including LED screens, playback and distribution systems and cameras.

Technical / Systems Design

Specifying required technical equipment and infrastructure to meet the brief and budget, including the creation of technical documentation such as schematics, kit lists and configuration notes.

Pre-Visualisation / Programming

Creating 3D models / renders of concept design for staging, including video / graphics feeds and basic lighting concepts.

Video Dept. Technical Coordination

Arranging suitable equipment and crew to meet required briefs and budgets, for delivery of IMAG, camera production, online streaming, visual effect playback and / or LED displays for your live event.

Remote Live Production

Due to current restrictions on live events I have been gearing up to offer remote live production services:
I can now offer support for creating live streams with a higher production value than a basic video conference or smartphone live stream.

Available services include; vision mixing of remote sources including live graphics and overlays; re-broadcasting of video conferences (e.g. for a panel discussion), setup and configuration of live-streaming servers and platforms.

These services could allow you to move an in-person event, such as a presenation, product launch or musical performance to an online event, with near broadcast quality presentation.

I can take a live stream from a presenter or performer from their own home, mix that with live graphics, playback of pre-recorded video packages and re-broadcast to your audience via social media platforms or your own website.
I also have the option of involving several remote presenters or guests via video call, combining that with graphics and pre-recorded video or titles and broadcast the end result to your audience, delivering a much more polished result than simply live-streaming a video conference.

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In addition to the above services, I'm also available as a remote operator to streaming or broadcast service providers requiring remote engineers to control equipment at their MCR facilities, please see my equipment familiary under 'skills'