Live Streaming & Remote Production

I'm now offering direct support for live-streamed online events, from presentations to product launches, and also events transitioning from in-person events to online live streams.

Tranform a basic live stream with live effects, graphics and overlays

What can I offer?

I offer the technical support and operational expertise to elevate your live broadcast beyond a basic webcast or video conference call by combining one or more live video feeds with pre-recorded video, music, graphics and overlays, and broadcasting to your platform of choice.

I can offer live streams to most social media platforms or to a player within your own website.

In association with industry partners, we can also offer equipment and support to upgrade your live broadcasts; this may include supplying lighting, sound or camera equipment to remote participants' homes to improve the visual and audio quality of their contribution. We can also provide redudant 4G transmission for participants who do not have stable broadband connections.

Upgrade a basic video conference to a broadcast that better represents your brand

How does it work?

  • We discuss your creative and technical requirements, define any necessary graphics and pre-recorded content
  • You provide the necessary content and assets or work with one of my industry partners to create them
  • Your presenter(s) or performers send out a live stream from their home, either using a basic webcam setup through a browser or with the equipment mentioned above, to a private server.
  • If multiple presenters or guests need to interact, they join a private video conference.
  • I receive the stream from the private server and/or video conference and pull it into my remote production setup, where it can be combined with other assets.
  • If necessary I bring in remote sound and graphics engineers who can control elements of the system from home
  • We broadcast the final live-mixed result to your chosen platforms

Diagram Showing Conteptual System
Example system overview for musical performance

Which kinds of events work with this system?

Most one-to-many style presentations can be readily adapted to an online delivery, such as;

  • Keynote talk or presentation: combining a live camera with a presentation and/or video content
  • Product launch: Keynote talk combined with pre-recorded package, graphics and live performance or presentation from another source
  • Musical performance (for a solo musician or band who live together): live camera feed and audio combined with overlay graphics and effects
  • Tutorial presentations: combining live camera or voice-over audio with live demonstration camera and/or pre-recorded content

Some few-to-many style presentations, such as;

  • Panel discussions / round-tables
  • Talk-show style with multiple remote guests
    (up to 3 or 4 hosts/guests is acheivable)

Tranform a basic live stream with live effects, graphics and overlays